Welcome to Students for Sensible Drug Policy Australia!

We represent a grassroots coalition of students and allies that advocate for evidence-based drug policies grounded in compassion and human rights. In Australia and around the world there is an emerging discussion about alternatives to prohibition. These policy discussions represent a significant shift in the understanding and portrayal of issues of drug use in society. Unfortunately, students, young people and people who use drugs are often poorly represented.

SSDP Australia was started to create opportunities for students to become involved in creating real, meaningful change in attitudes and policies around drug use from campus to the halls of parliament. By helping students create local SSDP chapters, running workshops and events we can provide the tools which help to teach their communities, and decision-makers about reducing the risks of using drugs through practice, and policy.

We do not condemn or condone the use of drugs. Instead, we recognise that many of the harms associated with drugs are produced or exacerbated by bad policies. We respect the right of individuals to make their own choices, and we believe that honest information about drugs can only assist people to make better choices for themselves and their communities.

Executive Committee

Nicholas Kent

Nicholas Kent
National Director

Gulliver McLean

Gulliver McLean
Deputy Director

Alice Pierce

Alice Pierce

Mission Statement

To empower students and young people to become leaders in drug policy discussions and achieve meaningful reform grounded in evidence and human rights.

Please click here to view SSDP Australia's Constitution


  • Run workshops on harm reduction techniques and advocate for practical harm reduction policies
  • Defend the human rights of people who use drugs
  • Teach about effective political advocacy
  • Help students improve drug policy on campus
  • Ensure student and youth voices are included in drug policy discussions