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Empowering students and young people to study and advocate for a better approach to drugs is an uphill battle that requires fighting entrenched stigma and criminalisation every step of the way. We need your help.

Your time, money, and networks are essential for achieving our vision of a society which better understands how to manage the use of drugs. An era of bad drug policies has silenced successive generations from being able to have any mature, open, and honest discussions about the role of drugs in society. But the tide is turning, slowly. Philanthropists are finally starting to warm up to the idea of funding the drug reform movement, but we need your help to show that there is a groundswell of people committing their support for a sensible, and long-overdue shift in drug policy. We’re the only organisation in Australia that is independent and led by young people, for young people. We campaign across multiple intersecting issues for young people, and we're building grassroots power across a range of communities and issues. With your donation, we can launch brave campaigns for fairer drug policies.